Textured three tier contemporary wedding cake with a modern ruffle and ethereal feel
Contemporary wedding cake with white flame and dreamy ethereal look
Contemporary wedding cake with modern ruffle, textured finish and dreamy ethereal look
Contemporary wedding cake with modern ruffle, textured finish and dreamy ethereal look

Bustle Wedding Cake

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Your cake will be delivered up to three days before your wedding to the address you choose at checkout. You will be notified 2 weeks before your wedding of your delivery date and time.

Product Information

Here Suzanne has played with the trend for textured wedding cake design and used it with a modern ruffle in this chameleon like cake that changes appearance with the light.  Dreamy and ethereal like the silky, wispy clouds high in the sky on a sunny afternoon, it becomes moody and dramatic when the light fades and the shadows lengthen as the party gets going. 

Your sponge cake is covered in a divine white chocolate ganache and sugarpaste.  Fruit cake has a delicious layer of marzipan under the icing.

Essential Information

Serves 82 (see our wedding cake cutting guide)

We guarantee that your cake will remain deliciously fresh tasting for a minimum of 7 days from delivery.

  • Board diameter 28 cm
  • Bottom tier diameter 20.5 cm
  • Middle tier diameter 15.5 cm
  • Top tier diameter 10.5 cm
  • Overall height (including cake board and decoration) 50 cm

Your freshly baked cake will be decorated by hand, therefore some slight variation may occur.

Our fruit cake is shallower than our sponge cakes, therefore if you select fruit cake for your bottom tier, it will be built up on a small platform before being covered in icing to ensure each tier of your wedding cake is the same height.

Preparation & Storage

The cake is supplied assembled and ready to eat on an iced cake board, edged with ribbon as pictured.

Store in a cool dry place out of direct heat and sunlight. You should not store your cake in the refrigerator

Allergen Information

Our sponge cakes contain Milk, Eggs, Wheat and may contain Nut traces as nuts are used in the environment where the cakes are made

Our fruit cake contains Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Nuts


We currently deliver in the North West of England, the cost being determined by postcode.  If you would like a cake delivered outside this area please email support@unioncakes.uk to obtain a quote.

Your cake will be delivered to you up to three days before your wedding.  You will receive notification of your delivery date and an approximate time, two weeks before your wedding.  There must be someone available at the address to take delivery of your cake.

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