Collection: Your Style: Undecorated Wedding Cakes

A DIY wedding cake is a great way to keep within your wedding budget but nobody wants a cake that looks like it's a DIY job.  Our Not-Quite-Naked wedding cakes are designer cakes where the job of cake designer is taken by you! But don't worry, cake decorating skills are NOT required!  

We know that for many of you, planning and designing your wedding releases your inner stylist, eager to get hands on with your wedding preps!  Deep tiers, and sharp edges are not for the novice, so we do the hard bit before passing it over to you to do your thing with some simple flowers, that beautiful ribbon you found on holiday last year or the statement object that you've always imagined topping your cake.  Whatever your ideas, this cake is going to be unique and it will be designed and decorated by you!

The not-quite-naked cakes are available in a choice of a smooth, marbled or textured buttercream effect finish, in white or pale ivory providing you with a flexible blank canvas that you can really make your own with some simple DIY ideas, and still have the look of a modern wedding cake.

You can design something traditionally beautiful with your florist or get really creative with sweets, realistic animal figures, lego, berries - the possibilities are endless.