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We've tried to keep things as simple as possible but here are some things you might need to know.

Your wedding cake questions answered

1. Can I request different colours or alterations to a wedding cake design?

The Made 4U wedding cakes are only available as pictured.  This helps us to give you the best possible value.  Consider how the same cake can look completely different in different settings, so think about how you can style the cake table with flowers or candles to give it your own interpretation.  Even just simply placing your bouquet beside the cake can tie everything together beautifully.  Alternatively you can choose one of our pURe Style wedding cakes where you choose the base finish - smooth, textured or marbled in white or ivory - and style it however you want with your own flowers, ribbons or cake topper!

2. Will my wedding cake be freshly baked?

Yes, your cake will be freshly baked in the Union Cakes Kitchen, covered by hand with a white chocolate ganache to achieve the super sharp edges, before being iced and decorated by the Union Cakes cake artists.  Our recipes guarantee that your cake will remain fresh for up to 7 days.

3. Will you deliver to my wedding venue?

We deliver to the address you enter during checkout on the date you select.  This includes delivery to your venue on the morning of your wedding.  You simply need to enter the address of the wedding venue as the delivery address during the checkout process.  We will liase with your wedding venue to ensure that your cake is delivered for when you need it.  You can choose to have your cake delivered to any address - it doesn't have to be the wedding venue. 

4. Do you set the cake up at the wedding venue?

The service you pay for is for delivery only.  The cake will arrive fully assembled so it is a simple process for the wedding team at the venue to put it into place.   

This is to just make sure that our delivery team is not unnecessarily delayed at the venue.  However, if the cake table is set and ready and easily accessible then we will happily set the cake in place for you. 

The cake doesn't need to be refrigerated, it simply needs to be kept at room temperature and dry.

5. What should happen to the cake once it has been delivered?

Your cake needs to be kept cool and dry but it should not be refrigerated.  If the cake is being stored somewhere overnight, it should be kept indoors. If your cake is being delivered to your wedding venue, it can be put into place immediately providing it will not be hit by direct sunlight.  If it is a hot day and you are having a marquee wedding, you may want to leave the cake indoors before bringing it to the marquee. 

6. Can I collect my wedding cake from you?

Yes, there is an option to collect the cake yourself from The Frostery Cake Studio in Uppermill, Saddleworth.

7. Will I need to assemble the wedding cake myself?

No, the cake will arrive stacked, decorated and boxed, ready for your wedding day.  If you are transporting the cake yourself, your cake will have a food safe central dowel all the way through the cake to help provide additional stability during transportation.  Store your cake at room temperature somewhere dry.  Cake icing can be affected by humidity so avoid leaving in a vehicle overnight or storing in a garage or similar.

8. Can I cancel my wedding cake order?

You may cancel your order without giving a reason, at any time within 14 days of placing your order. You will have no obligation and we will return your money in full.

9. What flavour options are there for my wedding cake?

We offer six classic wedding cake flavours - vanilla, lemon, chocolate, toffee, carrot cake and rich fruit cake.  You can choose a combination of two different flavours for your wedding cake.

10. Do you make gluten-free or dairy-free wedding cakes?

We don't currently offer these options but it is something we are hoping to introduce soon.

11. Are the wedding cakes suitable for people with nut allergies?

No, the cakes are made in an environment where nuts are used, therefore our wedding cakes may contain traces of nuts.

12. When and where will my wedding cake be delivered?

Your cake will be delivered to the address you provide during checkout (providing it lies within our delivery area).  It will be delivered up to two days prior to your wedding.  We will contact you beforehand to arrange delivery.

13. Will you be adding any more designs to the range of wedding cakes available?

Yes, we intend to introduce new designs all the time to keep the collection current and on trend.

14. Do I need a cake stand for my wedding cake?

We think a cake looks much more elegant when displayed on a stand.  There are lots of different designs available to suit your style.  You can add one of our own Best Day Ever acrylic cake stands to your order and have it delivered alongside your wedding cake.

15. Why don't you offer a naked or semi-naked wedding cake?

A layer of chocolate ganache with icing over the top, seals your cake and helps prevent it drying out and going stale.  Naked cakes don't have this protection and be dry or unstable, particularly in hot weather.  The pURe Style wedding cakes can be requested in a textured buttercream effect finish which is great for a relaxed or rustic style wedding.  The pURe style wedding cake has been devised to encourage you to use your own creativity without having to struggle to achieve the look of a designer cake because that part is done for you.  

16. What's the Union Cakes Kitchen?

Many cake makers are self taught and don't necessarily have the skills to make the transformation from hobby baker to professional. The Union Kitchen project aims to provides training and employment to prospective cake makers to enable them to get a job in a professional kitchen, bakery or to set up business on their own.

17. Who will make my cake? 

All the cakes are designed by our creative director, Suzanne Thorp.  The cakes are freshly baked and decorated in the Union Cakes kitchen in Greater Manchester by our specialist team.  

We care about how our cakes are made and about the people making them. 

That's why we launched the Union Cakes Kitchen, to provide a high quality training environment to pass on the essential skills of baking and cake decorating to a new generation.

18. When should I place my wedding cake order?

You can place an order from 2 years and up to 2 weeks before your wedding day, however there are certain dates that are very popular during the summer and bank holiday weekends, meaning our order book may close earlier due to demand, therefore it is always best to order as soon as possible.

19. Can I choose a different design or change flavours after I have placed an order?

If you have changed your mind after placing your order, please email hi@unioncakes.uk with your request and we will let you know what to do.

20. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to a large part of North West England.  You can find a list of postcodes below.  Additionally, we are happy to consider requests to deliver outside these areas.  Please contact us if you would like a quote.

Delivery postcodes

FY, PR, BB, HX, OL, BL, WN, L, WA, CW, M, SK, HD, S36, S70, S75, WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4, WF5, WF6, WF12, WF13, WF14, WF15, WF16, WF17, BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5, BD6, BD7, BD8, BD9, BD10, BD11, BD12, BD13, BD14, BD15, BD16, BD17, BD18, BD19, BD20, BD21, BD22, CH1, CH2, CH5, CH41, CH42, CH43, CH44, CH45, CH46, CH47, CH48, CH49, CH60, CH61, CH62, CH63, CH64, CH65, CH66, SY13 3AT

20. How do I check your availability to make my wedding cake?

There is a date selector on the order page.  Unless the date is greyed out, then we are available to make your cake.  We release dates two years in advance. If you want to double check our availability please send a message to hi@unioncakes.uk

21. Why do you only operate online?

Union Cakes was set up as an offshoot of a long established and highly respected 'traditional' cake business, The Frostery. The aim of Union Cakes is to offer the same quality of cake (in terms of taste and design) as you would get from somewhere like The Frostery, but at a lower cost.  Obviously in order to do this we had to look at where savings could be made, without compromising on quality.  One of the key elements that enables Union Cakes to keep our prices as low as possible is that rather than designing a new cake for each and every couple (which is expensive), we present a range of cakes that have all been carefully and considerately designed but are ready to order. So, while it may seem strange to order your wedding cake online without meeting your cake maker, it's not because we wouldn't love to meet you! It's simply a way of giving you the best value wedding cake in the North West!

22. Can I leave things for you to add to the cake, such as a cake topper or flowers?

Our Not Quite Naked wedding cakes are designed to be decorated as you wish, but this is entirely your responsibility.  We are not able to add any items to the cake that are not provided by us.

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