An Introduction to Online Affordable Designer Wedding Cakes <br> by Suzanne Thorp

Cakes are personal because they're a celebration of a person, couple or clan, so it's no wonder that the thousands upon thousands of wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and christening cakes I've made over the years, have  all been different. 

At my studio, almost everything me and my team design and make, is done to order and whilst bespoke design is lovely and special, it costs, and it's not for everyone.

True bespoke design is all about interpreting the customers ideas and wishes in a unique way, just for them, but design is just as important at the other end of the spectrum and there are lots of couples who want a beautiful handmade wedding cake with a strong design but who don’t necessarily feel the need for a high level of personalisation. Where can they get that? - This was the question we set out to answer with Union Cakes - to create a collection of wedding cakes strong on design, taste and execution that would feel personal but in order to keep the price keen, without any individual elements at all.  

That's the collection we've launched today and which we'll continuously add to and take from in order to keep it fresh, current and interesting.

Modern wedding cake with sugar flowers surrounded by white champagne glasses in Cheshire.

Perhaps because I learned in a traditional bakery, I've never seen cake making as an individual pursuit. To me, it's always been a team sport and over time as my business has grown, building a strong team has been crucial.  But I want to take it further.  I've been looking at ways to provide a valuable learning experience for novice cake decorators for some time.  There's nothing like hands on experience and practice for learning your craft, so the other part of this venture which excites me is The Union Cakes Kitchen - a brand new training programme which will nurture and develop the core skills that every good cake maker needs and at the same time provide experience of working in a commercial cake kitchen.

There will be more about that in the coming months but for now, if you're looking for a modern wedding cake from an award winning cake designer made by a professional, dedicated team, please have a look at our collections and we hope you find a cake you like.  We'll be continually refreshing the line-up so why not join the gang and follow us on Instagram @unioncakes. Or if you're keen to book, we've taken 10% off our Made 4U collection until 7th December!

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