Spend less on your Designer Wedding Cake

There are many ways to get a cheap wedding cake but all too often it involves compromising on those things that should be done well regardless of cost. Even the cheapest cakes should achieve a basic quality standard but unfortunately stories of wedding cake disasters are not uncommon and most of the time that’s down to the skill, knowledge and experience of the cake maker.

Choosing a professional is a good place to start when looking for your wedding cake maker. This will mean you get a cake where the basic quality is assured and even better, the tips below tell you how to spend less on your professional wedding cake and get the couture look, but at more accessible price point.

1. Odd Socks. My first tip is to not to worry about having everything matching. Don’t get pushed into choosing a ‘theme’ if you’re not really a theme kinda person. Freeing yourself from the wedding world’s obsession to have everything co-ordinated will open up a whole host of alternative options and allow you to be more eclectic or show more of your own natural style and this is likely to save you money. So don’t get too hung up with having a cake made in the exact same shade as your bridesmaid’s dresses because a neutral wedding cake with a strong design will adapt, chameleon like, to it’s surroundings.

2. Steal the Scene. Source a fabulous florist or experienced venue stylist and use their experience and imagination to achieve a high end look for a little less. Let your florist buy whatever flowers represent the best value at the time of your wedding rather than specifying the exact type of flowers you want and you’ll get so much more for your money. Everything is enhanced by a frame of flowers, so you can spend a bit less on your cake but still have a beautiful scene. Spend time talking to your stylist or florist about how and where the cake will be and how to frame it with flowers.

3. Predesign.  At one end of the design spectrum is proper bespoke design which is all about interpreting the customers ideas and wishes in a unique way, just for them and it’s a real skill which only a handful of top cake designers do really well. At the other end is what we call predesign. Predesign is where the hard, thoughtful design work to create artistic cakes has already been done. It’s like a fashion designer’s ready-to-wear collection.

In between these two extremes is where most cake design takes place - but at a bespoke price. A lot of the cost of a bespoke wedding cake is in the design process and the time involved in talking to the cake maker about what you like and what you don’t, going back and forth, fine-tuning the design. But just because you’re paying for bespoke doesn’t mean you’ll get it, with many cakes often ending up as a simple variation of what went before.

If you’re not really looking for a high level of personalisation then it could pay to take a different approach. If done right, predesign can be just as effective as bespoke. It all depends on the cake designer. Place your ‘ready-to-wear’ cake into your carefully considered wedding, and the whole thing will look as though it’s been designed just for you.

So if you're looking to spend less on a modern, artistic wedding cake from an award winning cake designer, have a look at our collection and we're sure you'll find a cake to fall in love with!

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