Sweet Sustainability - The rise (and fall?) of the Polycake.

When we started Union Cakes we were determined that it should be a business for the new decade and part of that was to be sustainable.  Over the past few years, wedding cakes have been getting bigger and bigger but it's rarely cake inside.  What we see is often a tower of polystyrene used because it's cheap, lightweight and convenient but what happens to it when the party is over? 

Polystyrene isn't biodegradable and is rarely recycled (particularly when covered in sugarpaste) so it either sits in landfill for hundreds of years, gets broken up and eaten by small animals or it sinks to the bottom of the sea.

This is why all the Union Cakes wedding cakes are REAL cake, freshly baked and decorated just for you.

The climate emergency means that sustainability is fast becoming a much bigger part of all of our lives - including our weddings.  Couples are quickly becoming more sensitive to the impact their wedding might have on the environment and whilst there are some obvious and easy things they can do, wedding suppliers need to take some responsibility too.  It is undoubtedly wasteful to have a polystyrene ornament decorating your wedding when the planet is suffering, and that's not what a wedding cake is for anyway.  A wedding cake is a symbol of love to be shared with your friends and family to show how much they're cherished and to say thank you for celebrating your special day. 

So we say turn away from the Polycake and celebrate smaller cakes, where design, craftsmanship and taste are more highly prized than sheer size.


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